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 Objectives: Lead the AISC community by offering technological support.


To learn, excel and be knowledge heads of technology.   

We as a team have three objectives over the course of the next 3 years:

1) We are looking to form a team of dedicated students who want to learn, excel and be knowledge centers of technology.  We want to develop each of these students to have the courage to learn new technologies and the confidence to share them with their peers.

2) We want to deepen the skill sets of our students to be able to creatively solve technology issues that may arise.

3) We want to share with our students the ability to be a part of a real work project, so that we have our students live the school mission and values.  



Attention all laptop-fixers, code writers, video editors, Googlers, settings-navigators, and "tech savvy" students! The AISC Tech Gurus club is back, and is getting bigger!

For those that don't know, the Tech Gurus serve as AISC's tech guides, be it with making videos for teachers on request, crafting websites, or, on occasion, attending workshops and working on projects (like a 3D printer).

Absolutely anyone from grades 8-11 can sign up. We will meet twice a week after school, and once during new teacher orientation in late July. It'll be fun!

To join, email and with your name, details, and shirt size. As shirts need to be purchased, please try to sign up before the end of the week.


Student Volunteers from 9th to 12th graders

Benefits to the students as well as the institutions::

  • Each member acquires specific knowledge and skills in the technology area. in a meaningful way
  • Each member will have an unique opportunity to engage in to shift their learning environment to address the real life scenarios problems
  • Each member will collaboratively work on projects as on-the-job environment. This environment will display to each student how to become life-long learners.
  • Each member will be able to deepen their knowledge in multiple technology areas.
  • Enjoy the additional opportunity to get to know the teachers/community members outside their traditional environment
  • For the institution, improved turn-around time for resolving simple technical issues.
  • Utilize the opportunity to probe their own depth of knowledge and understanding and identify and fill the gaps in domain specific areas
  • to learn in a less formal and on-the-job environment to help them become life-long learners and help develop an appreciation for acquiring new knowledge.
  • The club supervisor's recommendation will enhance the chance of getting into good universities.
  • To experience the logical and sequential process of technology troubleshooting reinforcing specific analytical and critical thinking skills. 


Voluntary - CAS and Community Service hours offered

Privilege not a requirement


  • Students should be aware of the time requirements before applying as the club’s success depends on its committed members
  • Students that can be trusted to carry out their duties in a  timely and responsible manner should be a process that involves the club supervisors who are knowledgeable about individual student performance, attitude, and behavior or who will gain knowledge objectively through the feedback obtained from the people for whom the members worked 

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