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Student Council Activities


Student government offers the opportunity for students to participate in efforts to improve the climate of the school. The High School Student Council is composed of an Executive Committee (president, vice president, secretary and treasurer) and three additional class coordinators elected by students at each grade level. Student Council meetings are held once a week, on Wednesdays at lunch in the Breezeway Conference Room


Each grade has Class Advisors who support class coordinators orgnanize events, plan meetings and hold class councils, as well as generally overseeing class activities. The Class Advisor acts as a liaison with the Student Government Advisor and High School Principal in helping the Student Government officers with matters of governance and class activities.

Students are encouraged to take responsibility for class business, while the Class Advisor actively assists students where necessary.


Student Council members began the year in August with a half-day retreat to establish norms and procedures, set goals and begin work to stage Spirit Week and Homecoming. Student Council members then supported the Welcome Back picnic.


UN Day has been a special occasion to celebrate the diversity of AISC’s international community. The Student Council president Minsang Park gave the opening remarks for the event. As the student body of AISC continues to grow, the number of countries represented has grown as well. UN Day gave us the opportunity to enjoy our procession of flags, guest speakers, music, dance, and food, thus making the occasion an event not to be missed and continuing a proud tradition of celebrating all of the cultures represented by the over 30 countries represented by the students of AISC.



Homecoming Dance marked the beginning of all social events organized by the Student Council this year. DJ provided some great music for the dance. Pizza and soft drinks were served, and great fun was had by all.


Due to the catastrophic floods of early December, Winter Fest was not held this year on the final day of the semester.


Saturday, February 27th--Student Council executive committee of President Minsang Park, VP Krishna Chittur, Treasurer Roshan Raju and Secretary Claire Yang organized Feb Fling (aka Jan Jamboree). Sixteen student council members and a dozen high school community building and service clubs sponsored 25 booths and activities for the AISC community.  Nearly 300 students of all ages and their parents enjoyed the sunshine and warm temperatures on the athletic field.  Favorites were the waterballoon cum slip-n-slide, the sponge toss, rolly-cart races, face painting and bouncy house.  All entrants were served hot dogs, dosas, lemonade and an ice cream. We all enjoyed the DJ skills of junior Akansha Ramesh.  The proceeds from entrance tickets and the raffle (thank you to the Westin Hotel and the Leila Palace Hotel) are pooled to provide grants of up to 10,000 rupees to support HS service club efforts. Groups receiving grants include Math Matters and Blue Cross, the animal rescue service club.  

Spring Fest

Spring Fest was organized by the Student Council 10th grade coordinators Uday Saharia, Vishnu Sriram and Yuyeong Kang in March this year. Students were divided into their houses, and they played each other in team games such as basketball, volleyball, soccer and the full team tug of war. To conclude spring fest, we celebrated HOLI – the Indian festival of colors. Student Council purchased colored powders and students sprayed water and ‘decorated’ each other in an afternoon of raucous fun on the soccer field. The colors are organic and are lab tested to ensure safety.


Bake sales are organized throughout the year by selling cupcakes, and pizzas. The funds collected are used for student council activities or for charity.


This is an annual tradition at AISC, on Valentine’s Day. Student Council 9th grade coordinators Minsang Park, Mridula Arvind and Seojin Park organized the sale and delivery of roses with messages to students and teachers. The profit made is partly used for charity and partly used to fund Student Council activities.



PROM was organized by the Student Council juniors Jungmin Kim and Seungyeon Ha, a huge prom committee and their prom advisor Kala Ganesha. Students put in a lot of effort in organizing a grand and fitting farewell to the graduating class. The theme for this year’s PROM was “Great Gatsby” and took place at the Park Hyatt apartment and was a spectacular success with nearly three quarters of the student body in attendance. This was a fitting culminating activity for the year.


The student council for 2016-2017 was elected in May. Thirty candidates offered their leadership. Thank you to all of the great leaders who were candidates.

Executive Committee

President: Kyung Ho Shin

Vice President: Sohee Park

Treasurer: Jungeun Park

Secretary: Yoonseok Kim

12th grade coordinators:

Jungmin Kim

Minseok Nam

Yaron Ludwig

11th grade coordinators

Nate Malone

Hye Rin An

Hyolin Song

10th grade coordinators

Minha Park

Heewon Hwang

Hana Sivakumar

9th grade coordinators will be elected in August

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