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For University Representatives

Thank you for your interest in AISC! We look forward to hosting you on our campus.  

AISC counselors guide and support students through the university research, selection and application process.  In a rankings driven culture, we encourage students and parents to explore schools through a ‘best fit’ lens. It is our hope that AISC students will find programs where they will feel both challenged and comfortable.

We invite representatives from colleges and universities from all over the world to visit AISC.

We encourage you to share information about specific admissions requirements and the selectivity of your college/university with students and parents while supporting our effort to create a new culture around college and university decisions. Additionally, we ask that you focus on the strength and variety of academic programs, opportunities for personal and professional growth, internships, and environment.

University visits generally take place in our cafeteria setting during our high school lunch so that students may easily stop by from 11:40 am-12:30 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Tuesday - As Tuesday is an Assembly schedule lunch timing is from 11.25 am - 12.05 pm

To schedule a visit to AISC, please contact Priya Sarath at

Please take a look at our 2017-2018 school calendar and High School Profile for your reference.  

AISC School Calendar 2017 - 2018

AISC High School Profile 2017 - 2018