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High School Counseling Program

 New Students:

  • Orientation for new students
  • Student Ambassador (Raptor Agents!) Program: peer support for new students
  • Orientation for new parents
  • Follow-up programs for all new students

Grade 9:

  • Freshmen Seminar: All 9th Graders meet with the counselor throughout the first semester of the school year in a designated period. Topics include: orientation to high school, study skills, time management, stress management,  introduction to Naviance®, technology, library services, extracurricular involvement, etc.

Grade 10:

  • Sophomore seminars
  • Information Sessions on registration and course planning
  • Individual meetings with students for course registration as needed
  • IB 2-year plan meeting with IB Coordinator required prior to registration for IB
  • PSAT Testing

Grade 11:

  • PSAT Testing
  • College preparation counseling
  • Individual college consultation meetings with students and parents
  • Junior seminars

Grade 12:

  • College application process workshops and information sessions
  • Senior seminars
  • College counseling: research, application support, essay review, mid-year reports, correspondence with colleges and universities, etc.
  • Transition support: workshops, Senior Retreat

Counseling for all grade levels:

  • Academic, personal, and social/emotional counseling
  • Course registration information/selection
  • Ongoing work with Student Ambassadors (Raptor Agents!)
  • Peer Tutoring Program
  • Information Sessions with college and university representatives
  • Student Support Team – ongoing assessment, evaluation, and interventions for students with various needs
  • Freedom from Chemical Dependency program
  • Academic counseling for students who may be in academic danger
  • Transition Program for students leaving AISC and moving on to other schools
  • Orientation and support of new students entering AISC
  • SAT and ACT Test Center